We Are Ready.


Lindsay Anvik, CEO

Lindsay Anvik is a third generation entrepreneur and CEO of See Endless, Inc. She travels the world giving seminars on productivity, leadership and marketing to everyone from Fortune 500 companies to major museums to mom and pop companies.  She develops webinars and education series to help companies grow and develop happier and more motivated workforces. Her company, See Endless is focused around helping leaders and employees tap into their endless potential.     Her marketing and business development strategies that have led to coverage in the New York Times, InStyle Magazine, The New York Post, Metro New York and many others.   She's been a featured contributor on MSNBC's Your Business. 

Quotes by Lindsay in recent article: “Lean in: Powerful Women Executives Give Their Opinion and Advice”

“In one of the worst economies we’ve seen in decades, I left a great job at an agency with summer Fridays, bonuses, health care and a guaranteed paycheck to launch a start up. I didn’t listen to any advice (male or female) that perpetuated the idea that women should play it safe. I knew I would make it, and that if by some chance I didn’t, I was smart enough to figure out a Plan B.”

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