She engaged with the crowd from the minute she started and kept them with her until she finished. We always ask our delegates to evaluate all our speakers at our conferences, and Lindsay got glowing reviews from every delegate. To put it simply -She knows her stuff and she knows how to deliver it. I would not hesitate to recommend Lindsay for any speaking event. In fact, we’re already working on bringing her back to Australia for our next conference.
— Matt Lee, President Museum Shops Association of Australia

We had the great pleasure to invite Lindsay to speak in Brazil with several Fortune 500 and luxury companies. Lindsay was beyond our expectations. Her talent and experience was noticed by everyone. She has great knowledge and understanding of social media, millennials and consumption.

-Carlos Ferreirinha, Former President, Louis Vuitton Brazil and Founder, MCF Luxury Consulting

Lindsay Anvik is a knowledgeable, well-spoken and relatable seminar presenter who is asked back to speak numerous times at trade shows because of the rave reviews she gets. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an expert on social media, marketing or business related topics.

Kathy Krassner, Communications Consultant, National Stationery Show

“I’ve worked with Lindsay for over five years. She is a phenomenal speaker. The consistency to which she brings her enthusiasm and knowledge to each talk she gives never fails. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to present an expert that keeps up with trends and can give clear and well-informed advice to their audience.”

- Michelle Daniels, Marketing Manager, Programs + Content, NY NOW®, National Stationery Show®, American Handcrafted®

Lindsay offers incredible insight into the world of social media, consumer behavior, visual merchandising and business strategy. If you’re looking for a speaker at your next event, you should seriously consider inviting Lindsay along. Not only is she knowledgeable, with real-world experience, she is incredibly engaging and energizing in her presentation style. She offered key action areas that were carefully considered and within our circle of control. Whether you need an inspirational voice, or a fresh set of eyes, Lindsay Anvik will far exceed your expectations and be a catalyst for lasting, positive change. 

-Emma Barron, Zoos Victoria

Lindsay is a dynamic speaker that connected to our attendees with ease. ASTRA instituted two new education offerings where Lindsay’s participation was invaluable for our veteran attendee base. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude resonated throughout our show!

 --Ahren Hoffman, business development director, ASTRA

Lindsay Anvik is such a dynamic, engaging speaker that we felt very lucky to have her as a presenter for Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce’s member education classes. Her material truly resonated with our chamber members,  many of whom looked for expert advice on building their own brands, email marketing, loyalty programs and social media - just to name a few of the many outstanding programs Lindsay presented. In her personalized seminars, Lindsay gave clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions - on how to implement these valuable strategies. Lindsay’s presentations were very well received and all present appreciated the information and the inspiration provided.

-Kori Hippie, Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce

Lindsay is great. She really helped me when I needed to launch my business. She is knowledgeable in all matters of marketing and sales and helped me tremendously to come up with creative ways to make my business better. She is an amazing networker and is very well informed on current matters. I was very impressed with her resources and amazing ideas.

— Jasmine Stodell, travel & tourism 

Lindsay Anvik impresses me most with her resourcefulness...her ability to research information and execute results. Lindsay deeply understands the science of marketing, especially within the digital space, and she has a savvy ability to connect with people/peers/clients/prospects using new media and social networking tools. 

— cris manioris, rjl resources

Lindsay was instrumental in helping me grow my online classes and helped me add value to the online classes to increase my prices. She also helped to implement a sponsorship program for our podcast to increase our sponsor sales and my monetize podcast series. She is beyond amazing to work with and always provides value added ideas to help increase profits.

-Suzanne Moore

My sales have gone up 30% since working with Lindsay. I started making more money before she had even left my office. Lindsay makes me think in a whole new way. My sales have gone up, but so has my inspiration.

— fay donolan, retailer

Lindsay’s seminar was by far the best out of all that I attended. I got so much information from her presentation. I actually left her seminar feeling encouraged and energized to go back to my store and implement some techniques she shared.
— Stacie Walker, LS Boutique